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  • Dirigieren & Führen

    „Dirigieren & Führen“ („Conducting & Leading“) offers a unique concept which helps top managers questions their leadership competence and changing it to the positive. Because leading means communicating: Reaching people, understanding their potential, convincing and inspiring them. These aspects depend on the intuitively-emotional, thus, non-verbal part of communication to a great extent. Conducting is non-verbal communication at its best. Therefore, the core of the management seminar “Dirigieren & Führen” is to perceive, to try and to optimise the effect of this kind of communication through the immediate reaction of the orchestra.

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  • Balashova Legal Consultants

    Balashova Legal Consultants (BLC) is an independent legal advisory firm specializing in the field of Russian and international labour, migration and corporate law. Managing Partner is Elena Balashova, LL.M. A team of highly qualified specialists with experience from international law firms and international legal education offers clients advice in Russian, German and English.

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  • Bruck Consult

    Bruck Consult is an Austrian consultancy firm with an office and two companies in Moscow, offering strategy consultancy from market analysis to company foundation and complete market entry services for Russia. The two Russian companies Most Service and Most Management offer complete Business Process Outsourcing services.

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  • InterGest

    With offices in over 50 locations worldwide, InterGest offers exporting companies major international and local services for the development of foreign markets. With its range of services and extensive expertise in international business InterGest offers comprehensive support to its clients - from market entry to the setup, administration and management of subsidiaries and sales organisations.

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  • Heller Consult Group

    Heller Consult Tax & Business Solutions GmbH is a tax and business consultancy located in Vienna. It is in full ownership of Elisabeth Heller, who has been working in tax and business consulting since 1982. The core competence of Heller Consult, which was established in 1991, is the close connection between tax consulting and business consulting. The company's 20 employees offer their valuable advice to clients in the fields of tax, book keeping, accounting and pay roll. Further services include start-up of companies, business development and succession planning.

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  • Frank Partners

    FRANK PARTNERS is a boutique risk consultancy with offices in Berlin, London and Johannesburg. Their targeted due diligence research on investment targets and business partners helps their clients better understand their commercial relationships. Clients also turn to FRANK PARTNERS when they are planning a deal, selecting a distributor, hiring an executive. They may be in dispute, fending off a hostile takeover or clearing up fraud.

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  • Wiese Consult

    As a consulting firm WIESE CONSULT GmbH operates at the intersection between economy and politics in the areas of international business relationships, investments, public affairs and political consulting. With the help of an international network and expertise in all areas of organisational development, strategic planning, campaigns, events and consulting WIESE CONSULT supports enterprises, institutions, associations and their executives.

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