Integration of Executives

To avoid frictional losses, Meier Technic Tool AG would like to ensure that the new general manager is optimally integrated into the structure and working methods of the company, that the interfaces to headquarters are clearly defined and that their role in the company is solidified in the long term.

To achieve this goal, the new executive receives repeated coaching sessions from Sergey Frank International at the companies ? headquarters. He understands and learns how Meier Technic Tool AG works, especially the process-oriented approach of the company as compared to a more person-oriented approach of a subsidiary.

In addition, he is given a mentor for the first six months who accompanies them throughout their integration into the organization and is in permanent contact with headquarters. The involvement of the general manager in various projects other than their own, (involving other products and countries), promotes integration into the daily business.

The clear identification and designation of the interfaces between headquarters and the subsidiary creates the basis for a structured and solid collaboration between the two.

Sergey Frank International also recommends that clients conduct the required training at it‘s headquarters for selected local sales team employees, including sales managers.