There are two major aspects: On the one hand, we combine the experience from more than 20 years working in renowned international consulting firms. At the same time, we possess the flexibility and quick reaction time of a compact and focused consulting team. This offers the combination of profound expertise with the agile operational work of a small team.

On the other hand, our unique consulting approach rests on the three columns Sales, Executive Search and Organisation. With these interconnected consulting areas we cannot only, for example, carry out a successful executive search, but we can also ensure the candidate’ proper integration into the organisation. This approach meets the often prevalent complexity of international projects.

The advantage of our one-stop consulting is that our team understands the client’s view, his corporate culture and his individual requirements very well – not only on paper, but from concrete experience, long-term cooperations and intensive preliminary talks. This is crucial, especially in international business where the cooperation between headquarters and subsidiaries needs to function without any difficulties. We know both sides and, thus, do not only support our clients on a national, but also on an international level.

A staff agency is only focused on the recruitment of a specific position and often only tries to provide the client with suitable CVs.

A consulting firm, however, does not only see the position as such, but also its function within the organisation. A consulting firm does not only offer advice in recruitment issues, but also with regards to the corporate structure. If positions become vacant since they were located wrongly within the organisation or since the relevant interfaces are not working correctly, the expert view of a consulting firm can help correct such imbalances.

No, as our consulting focus is on small- and medium-sized companies which are planning to start or extend their international activities. We have projects in Russia and CIS, just as we have them in China and South-East Asia, in the Middle East, in America and in the whole of Europe.

No, since our consulting focus is on internationalisation. This includes all issues which become relevant when a company wants to enter a market or increase its activities in the country. Since the approaches are quite similar in the different industries, we do not put an emphasis on a specific sector. In addition, this approach across different sectors allows us to “think outside the box”.

Since this is what we know best: We work with a holistic consulting approach, which includes the three aspects Sales, Personnel and Organisation. This approach is based on Sergey Frank’s and his colleagues’ long-term experience from working with small- and medium-sized companies who are often asking for one-stop consulting services. Our clients value this kind of Key Account Consulting a lot.

In total, there are twelve people working at Sergey Frank International – seven employees at the main office in Leipzig and an additional five at other national and international locations in Austria, Switzerland and Russia.

We always work in teams of two consultants and, thus, offer the flexibility of an operational duo to quickly and directly react to our clients’ needs. Sergey Frank himself is still heavily involved in selected projects.

For our search we mainly rely on our comprehensive, international and SME-focused database. In addition, we are very experienced in Direct Search, i.e. in approaching top executives and specialists directly, and we have developed a sustainable international network after numerous engagements abroad. Also, we carry out a thorough online research. The first interviews with candidates are carried out on the phone or via video conference, whereas the personal interviews take place in the actual country.

Knowing the candidates’ mother tongue helps evaluate his or her personality better. For this reason, the members of our team speak German, English, Russian, Japanese, French and Polish.

The international project communication is, however, usually carried out in English, since English is quite often our international clients’ corporate language which also guarantees smooth communication between headquarters and subsidiaries.

We recruit about 25-35 management positions and work on approximately 15 further consulting projects per year.

We recruit mainly top positions. In selected projects we also fill specialist positions or staff functions.

It usually takes three to four months until the contract of employment has been signed. A distributor search takes three to six months.

We use figures from our own, comprehensive database as well as information from similar projects in the past. We also collect individual data from comparable companies (i.e. from demand side) and data from recruiting (i.e. from supply side).

You can talk to the actual project manager or his/her colleague as we always work in teams of two. This way we are always available in case of questions.