Compensation advice

For the successful recruitment of qualified personnel, the correct approach to the sensitive topic of remuneration is often crucial both in the run-up to the search and during the contract discussions.

Meier Technic Tool AG does not know the salary structure in the target country, in this case/which here is the remuneration of a local general manager. In addition, you need viable approaches to be able to develop an appropriate remuneration structure within the company, in comparison to the competition and also in the relationship to Germany and abroad.

Therefore, Sergey Frank International creates a detailed remuneration model for the company, which lists both standard fixed salary factors in local currency and euros as well as possible variable factors such as performance-related bonus, year-end bonus and other salary peripherals such as company cars, mobile phones, laptops or health insurance. Sergey Frank International also assists clients during contract discussions to discuss the possibility of dynamic salary development and alternative salary models.